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What Constitutes Scriptural Baptism?

by Elder W. H. Hooper

(Editors Note: The following is a reprint from the Baptist Faith and Missions December,1962. The late Brother Hooper was one of the great preachers of this century to serve the Lord in West Tennessee.)

I have been asked this question so many times I just thought I would write a few lines on the subject, if the editor thinks it worthy of publication.

First we must have a scriptural subject _ one who has been born of God, 1 John 5:1. One that has overcome the world, 1 John 5:4, overcome by faith not by works, Eph. 2:8, saved, Rom. 10:9, Acts 16:31, Lk. 7:50.

Second, the proper or scriptural administrator, a Baptist preacher, as were the Apostles, who were baptized by John the Baptist, Matt. 3:1_7, and as the one who was chosen to take the place of Judas, Acts 1:21_22. This scripture teaches us that one who has been ordained can do the work of a Baptist preacher, or be used by a Baptist Church in administering the Ordinance of Baptism.

Third, the scriptural authority must be given to the Administrator, given by a Baptist Church, since she was authorized by Jesus Christ, Matt. 28:19_20. To this church Christ preached the dedication sermon on the mount, Matt. 5th chapter through the 7th.

Fourth, a scriptural mode, a burial in water, Rom. 6:4_5, Col. 2:12, and in Matthew we have a clear example _ A God called and sent ordained Missionary Baptist Preacher, with the scriptural subject, the Son of God, buried in Baptism, Mk. 1:5, and God spoken from Heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well Pleased." It looks to me like this is enough to cause any child of God to want to be Baptized by a Missionary Baptist preacher, since this is the only kind recorded in the Bible that the dear Lord set his approval on.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am a Missionary Baptist and have been preaching this grand doctrine for fifty_one years, and it looks better to me every day. I have never had any desire to add any thing to it or subtract anything from it. The older I get the better food it is to my soul. God help you who read these few lines to correctly understand what I am trying to get over to you is my prayer.