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The Sufficiency of God's Grace

by Elder Paul Cofer

Bolivar, MO

II Corinthians 12:9 "...And he said unto me, My Grace is Sufficient for Thee..."

There is quality of the actions, character and attributes of God that cannot be adequately described nor even defined by man and that quality is the Grace of God. Even if time were adequate enough to accommodate this effort and every language with its' syntax, grammar and richness of dialect and meaning were employed, all the aspects of His Blessings and Benefits could not define the height, depth and width of the Grace of God to mankind. Yet, the Grace of God is real! And not only is It real but it is experienced and extended to all humanity. It cannot be touched with the five senses, although they may be or are affected indirectly. Yet man can and does experience, in some manner, the Grace of God. The Love of God is the factor that motivates His Power and Actions, but God's Sovereign Purpose and Plan moves forward upon the vehicle of His Mercy and Grace toward fallen mankind. The Grace of God is completely undeserved. It is without earthly or material value. It is "unearnable" and cannot be bartered for by man's devices or schemes because It is freely given by God Whose omniscience can discern the thoughts and intentions of man's heart. It cannot be merited based upon man's "innate" righteousness (present or to come) because man has no righteousness except for that which is as filthy rags! It is not kept by man's goodness, but by the Eternalness and Covenant Relationship of God through Christ Jesus. It is a very High and Holy quality of the Goodness of God that is revealed and demonstrated at His Will upon whomsoever He will. It sustains the saint whether in triumph or trial, in life or in death, in time or in eternity. And God's Grace is always sufficient! And it is His desire and Will to extend His Grace to us!


Matthew 4:45 "..for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the Just and the unjust.."

Psalms 19:1_3 "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handy work. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech not language, where their voice is not heard."

God's Grace is extended to all mankind providentially, whether saved or unsaved. At times it is undiscernible to us as to why God would bless certain ones who may not seem worthy of Him, but always there is, as with any action of God, a definite purpose to His Glory. God's Grace is manifested through nature and from time to time some of mankind not only experience an awareness of His creative Being, but also of His Benevolence and Goodness to them. They may even conclude that He sustains all existence and life, even theirs. And with this perception, they may even develop an appreciation of Him in the magnificence of His Wisdom, Knowledge and Power (Creative and Sustaining)!

Even those who ignore Him or denounce and deny His existence still experience (though not perceptible to them!) the Grace of God providentially. And even those who dishonor and profane His name are loved by Him, like a loving, patient parent who reaches out to try and influence a rebellious child.

It is by the Grace of God that all of mankind has reasonably good health. It is by His Grace that the next breath of air is inhaled, or the next heart_beat pulses life giving blood throughout the body. It is the Grace of God that gives all of us the next brain wave to co_ordinate all the mental and physical functions of our bodies and minds. God's Grace stands between everyone and complete ruin, but His Grace is always given for our good and His Glory. When we consider the "what could be" or how our circumstances could have been and how that God intervened or even sustained us through a trial, we stand (or should) in awe of the Grace of God! How well many have considered themselves after a hospital visit with a patient in serious or fatal condition, or to see a child struggling with a mental or physical affliction. Could it be that God makes us all aware of His Benevolence and Grace by allowing us the solemn privilege of viewing such situations of others and grants us the grace to thank Him for even the very health and life that He gives us? "Why does He allow such tragedies to occur to others?" one might ask. Could it be that God's Grace sustains the sufferer and that He allows us to view these things in order to appreciate our own circumstances? Many times we are given over to an empathizing, sympathizing heart even to pray for those in need. At any rate, it takes our minds and hearts off of ourselves and our problems and centers our affections upon the Lord and the needs of others. There is a stanza of a poem that describes the awareness that is sometimes indulged in by some when complacency and indifference dulls our need of expressed gratitude for His Goodness and prayer to intercede on behalf of others:

Oh Lord, Forgive me when I whine,

I have good health and a healthy mind,

And the world is mine!