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Deacon James Wilkes

I met this older gentleman, while going about my way.

We struck up a conversation; it seemed he had so much to say.

We talked of sports and politics, and even discussed the weather.

Then, he talked of his problems, and how things had to get better.

He told of all the troubles he had in his past life.

A tear came into his eye, when he said he had lost his wife.

Just a few short months ago, cancer took her away.

He said, "I am left alone in a big house, but really no place to stay."

He said, "I have these terrible dreams at night and cannot get my rest;

I've tried to live a decent life and tried to do my best.

I have this fear of dying; I don't go to church very much.

I just never got the hang of it or couldn't get in touch."

I told him I must be going, that I had work to do.

As I drove away, I realized I should have talked some too.

I knew this man needed help, and I had failed to talk so free.

What if he was lost, and I had been too blind to see!

I thought about it for some time; then it kind of went away.

But the opportunity arose; I met him again the other day.

I began the conversation, "How have you been, Uncle Joe?"

He said, "Hi, Son; I haven't felt good for a week or so."

Then, I felt the urge to talk, and braced myself to say,

"With all your problems, Uncle Joe, have you taken time to pray?

Have you told God what you told me, how your life is in a mess?

Just turn it over to Him, Joe; then He will do the rest."

"Did I tell you, sir, what He can do, and what He did for me?

You see, I was lost late in life, foot loose and fancy free.

Then I turned it over to the Lord, all my troubles and strife.

He took control, saved my soul, and straightened out my life."

"Did I tell you, sir, that things have changed since July of '67?

I don't fear death any more; You see, I have a home in Heaven.

Did I tell you, sir, that you too, can have this love of God?

Just turn it over to Him and let Him spare the rod."

"You see, Joe, I have failed in life to do the things I should.

There is some bad in all of us, but also some very good.

Because, the first time I met you, I had things to say,

But I didn't witness to you, Sir; that is, until today.