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Articles Printed in 1995       

Spin Doctors  by Lynn Stapleton

Church Associations by Lee M. Carter

Parenthood by Gary Kirk

Preparing For Death by Jerry Miller

The Kingdom Of God by Timothy Binion

Knowledge by Brad Foster

Monitor And Adjust by Lynn Stapleton

How To Call A Pastor by Jerry Miller

Amen by Billy R. Gregory

Political Correctness by Lynn Stapleton

Scientific Theories And Biblical Facts by H.C. Vanderpool

Witness by James Wilkes

In Memory Of Elder Ernest Fred Prince by Jimmie Hale

Advantages Of Early Piety by Travis Lewis

 Missing The Mark by Lynn Stapleton

In Memory Of Larry Taylor by Jerry Miller

Elder Shubal Stearns 1706-1771 by Tim Binion

Plowing In Hope by Steve Perrigo

Could Your Church Support

Do All To The Glory Of God by Steve Perrigo

The World Is Coming To An End by Bart Jones

My Bible by Roy Brooks

Going Forward by Kenneth Massey

A Job To Do by Judy Elliot

God's Way, Word & Will by Tim Binion

Spiritual Surfing by Lynn Stapleton

The Good The Bad and The Ugly by Lynn Stapleton

What Title Should Minister Use by H. C. Vanderpool

A Shepherds Christmas by Tim Binion